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Police response to UCD event + blogs on police

I will add more resources here shortly but to kick things off:


Two articles from police discussing the recent incident at UCD:

NY Times article on pepper spray use including former FBI officer that developed pepper spray into policing weapon in the 1980s – and his disagreement with how it is used in practice today.

Article in Atlantic Monthly from a former University police officer reflecting on some of the ways in which police respond and why.


Two blogs that focus on policing and crime:

Anthropolitea is a blog spot that considers policing and security issues from an anthropological perspective; contributors are all from the field of the anthropology of police. It is not always up-to-date as contributors are all quite busy but should have some new things up there soon and if you would like to get involved with this project please contact Michelle.

Governing Through Crime is a blog from Jonathan Simon at UC Berkeley.
It is updated frequently and a great resource. Looks like the most recent post focuses on UCB and UCD protests.




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