Titles and Times: Please Read and Respond Tonight!

Hi everyone,

Although I imagine that some -more discussion and work will take place
tomorrow to prepare questions or thoughts for Monday, I hope to have a
title and preferred time-place for the workshop/discussion ASAP. I have
included the two possible time-places and some possible titles below. If
possible, please let me know now which you prefer – and suggest a title,
if you have one different from the ones suggested.
Time is of the essence: TRYING TO RESERVE WKSP TIMES NOW!!
Thank you!
TIME-PLACE OPTION 1: 10-11 AM at ARC, which coincides with last
                                       hour of protest at the Regent’s meeting. It’s
                                       been suggested that folks prefer to have all
                                       teach-in stuff before 11 at the ARC protest,
                                       so everyone will be there and not on quad.
TIME-PLACE OPTION 2: Dome in Quad City, 11 am to noon. Another
                                      anthropology/STS group will be going 12 to 1
                                      but discussions can carry on outside dome if
                                      goes past the allotted hour.
TITLE (choose one you like from the 7 listed below, or: suggest another
           title.  If I recall from the other day, Francis, you have 1 in mind?)
1 Pikedelic: Policing Campus Dissent
2 Pikedelic: Police, Politics, and Violence
3 Pikedelic: Making Police Violence Visible
4 Protestors, Pepper Spray, and the Politics
of Police Violence
5 Protestors, Pepper Spray, and the Politics
of Campus Policing
6 Policing Dissent: Protestors, Pepper Spray,
and the Politics of Campus Policing
7 (Your Title Here)…
ALSO: please confirm/let me know if you’ll be participating in and/or
leading Monday’s discussion. Again, we’ll sort out more of this Sun.,
but trying to do the logistics for all  of the workshops tonight, ASAP.

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