UC Davis Police Department Policies Related to Use of Force

From Mario. UC Davis Police Department policies.

Also available in media library… in “admin” mode.

Thoughts on these – or policing ‘policy’ writ large?











109 Mutual Aid Agreement

Also see: 559 Authorized Weapons and Tools 4 01 2009 in media library. (559 won’t upload here)


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One response to “UC Davis Police Department Policies Related to Use of Force

  1. Just a quick thought after reading the policy regarding crowd control (and skimming through the other docs to see if I was missing something) – I’m under the impression that use of pepper spray is up to the “discretion” of the supervising officer, with no policy guidelines or examples as to what that might mean. I’m curious as to others’ impressions of this. Further, if it’s the case that use of this kind of force is up to the commanding officer, then Katehi’s claim that she did not authorize a particular use of force falls flat. (To repeat what has been said probably many times by now, the claim to “ignorance” about the use of force by the UCPD cannot be taken credibly given the recent events on Berkeley’s campus about a week prior. What happened may not have been “intentional” but I cannot believe the claim that it was unexpected).

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